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For the best resin driveways, Worthing customers should look no further than Sussex Resin. We provide an affordable, bespoke service creating resin surfaces tailored to your customers’ requirements. Chief among the services we provide is our resin driveway installations. Call us to get started if your driveway needs replacing or your home does not possess one. 

We’ll build you a gorgeous, durable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective driveway. We offer a 25-year product that’ll stand the test of time. You’ll be the envy of your neighbours as our resin driveway contractors build the most magnificent driveways around. And the best part is that we won’t be beaten on price. 

Bring us a genuine, like-for-like quote, and we’ll beat it on the spot. Not only that, but we’ll complete the work to a higher standard than our competitors. If you would like to learn more about our resin driveways, pick up the phone and call 01903 357957 to request a FREE quote. 

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We’re confident we can beat “like-for-like” quotes and complete your project to a better standard than our competitors.

Resin Bound Surface

#1 Resin Bound Driveway Contractors in Sussex

Here at Sussex Resin, we specialise in all things resin. After all, it’s in our name. That includes resin footpaths, patios, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, etc. If your property lacks a driveway or the driveway has crumbled to nothing, it’s worth having it rebuilt, especially if you drive a vehicle yourself. 

You can park right next to your property’s front door by having a driveway installed, which is useful when it’s cold and raining. Your car will be more secure as thieves and vandals are less likely to risk targeting a vehicle if the chance of getting caught is higher. And your vehicle is less likely to be damaged than it would be parked by the roadside. 

When contacting our resin driveway contractors, we’ll arrange a convenient time to visit. We’ll survey the area, take measurements, discuss options with you, and supply you with a FREE, no-obligation quotation. 

Resin Bound or Resin Bonded Driveways

You might not realise it, but there are two resin driveways, Worthing customers – resin bound driveways and resin bond driveways. Though both options are strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, they differ in the installation method. 

Resin bond driveways are the cheaper option as they’re non-porous, meaning additional drainage is needed. These surfaces are built by pouring the UV-stable, clear-coloured resin over the surface. The resin is flattened, levelled, and raked, and the aggregates are added over the top. Once the surface has cured, loose stones are swept away, leaving behind a rough surface. 

Resin bound driveways are built by mixing the resin with the aggregates in a forced action mixer. Because the aggregates and resin are mixed, this creates micro-voids in the mixture, which allow water to pass through. The porous mixture is poured over the surface, levelled, raked, and trowelled, creating a smooth surface. 

Both are excellent options, with one being great if you want a porous surface while the other is ideal for customers on a budget that wants a resin surface. 

Resin Bound Surface

Our Resin Bound Driveways

Our resin driveways, Worthing customers, are built to a high standard using premium-grade UV-stable resin and aggregates sourced from gravel pits around the UK and Europe. Our resin driveway installation team can fully customise your driveway, and you can learn more about this and our installation process below. 


Resin driveways, Worthing customers, are noteworthy for their visually stunning appearance. Come to Sussex Resin, and you can choose from 20 different types of natural granite colours or one of our blended colours that use up to four types of granite stone. We also offer “Moon-Stone” for that extra wow factor. 

And you can further customise your driveway with an array of landscaping options, such as fences, garden walls, steps, and decorative edging. 

Cost and Installation  

Installing resin driveways, Worthing customers, typically involves excavating the area, creating a new sub-base, and then layering the driveway over the top. Our engineers carry out all installations, as we never utilise third-party contractors. 

Cost-wise, every driveway will be priced differently depending on the size of the area, the materials used, and the labour involved. Rest assured that our quick quote system ensures that you never pay over the odds, instead paying a fair and affordable price for your new driveway. 

Why Choose Us for Your Resin Driveways in Worthing?

When choosing the best company for resin driveways in Worthing, the choice should be clear. We at Sussex Resin have been building resin surfaces for many years and have amassed a wealth of experience. We continue to go from strength to strength, improving our services to cater to more customer requirements. 

If you’re pondering calling us, here are a few reasons why you should do so: 

  • HICS Member – Full Customer Protection Guaranteed 
  • Fully Customisable Surfacing Options 
  • Premium-Grade Materials 
  • Rapid-Fast Installation – 1-3 Days 
  • SUDS-Compliant Surfaces – Puddle-Free* 
  • Ten-Year Guarantees 
  • Eco-Friendly Option 

* = resin bound surfaces only. Resin bond surfaces will require additional drainage added. 

Our resin surfaces are strong and can support up to 30 tonnes of weight. Plus, as a ten-year guarantee covers them, you’re fully protected should anything go wrong.

Call Us Today!

So, get in touch with Sussex Resin today as we design and build the best resin driveways Worthing has seen. Our resin bound and resin bond driveways are second-to-none, built with quality, UV-stable resin and aggregates carefully sourced from the UK and Europe’s top gravel pits. All our driveways are a labour of love, built to a high standard and to our customers’ specifications. 

And with our landscaping services, we can completely transform your outdoor space. To request our services, pick up the phone and call our resin bound driveway specialists on 01903 357957. Alternatively, complete our online contact form, and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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We’re confident we can beat “like-for-like” quotes and complete your project to a better standard than our competitors.

Why Choose Us?

Over our years of operation, we have built up a stellar reputation as resin surfacing contractors. You can always trust us to provide a first-class service along with exceptional results.

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Our resin bound surfaces are covered for a decade post-installation.

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Your resin bound surface will be tailored to your specifications with our bespoke services.

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